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Creative Ways To Reuse Small Sized Glass Jars

There are endless ways to décor home, but what if you use leftover items or waste material to make your surroundings look stunning.

Ideas are in abundance, but folks basically this article is not just about decorating your house, but it is about using waste items again.

We are left with so many items in the kitchen that we do not feel like using again and they are pretty expensive, just like small jars made of glass.

I got to know about decorative décor and explored about it and found how we can use glass jars in a very lucrative way, you can also explore it. Here is the official website link for you:

small glass jars

• Chalkboard Label Spice Jars – A horde of empty baby food jars are impeccable for storing small amounts of herbs & spices in your kitchen. Well, you can offer those lovely small jars an Anthropology look, a set of spice jars. So cute, isn’t it??

• Apple Candy Jar – You can again use your baby’s small glass jars of food for storing or gifting candies to your kid’s teacher or your neighbors. You can even take help of your child in decorating these jars and choosing candies.

• Lighthouse Luminaries – These endearing summertime crafts are perfect for little night lights as they will offer your home a look of beach theme.

small glass jars

• Fill chocolates Jar – You can use these small jars, to fill chocolates of different flavors raped in colorful wrappers.

You can even fetch for more useful reference and innovative ideas from online sources as well and do use your own creativity, you will certainly enjoy.

• Jar Hanging Planter – You can make your own hanging planter while combining mason jars and baby food jars to create a planter and vase combination display.

Fill the bottom row is with luminously colored plants, while on the top display rose cuttings in the itty bitty vases.

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