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Were You Recently Injured In A Ridesharing Accident?

Ridesharing is a very popular trend these days, mostly because it combines convenience and safety into one reasonable price. But what happens if your safety is jeopardized while riding in an Uber or Lift? This is a question that many ridesharing patrons are asking. Do consumers want to know what rights they have if a ridesharing driver causes an accident that results in passengers’ injuries?

It is important to know your rights and responsibilities in the case that you are injured in a ridesharing accident. The best place to start is to speak with a licensed personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident claims. Click to know more about uber or lift accident attorney.

They can offer you accurate information and professional advice. If you were recently injured in a rideshare accident, be sure to speak with an attorney as soon as possible, before the statutes of limitations run out for making a claim. You could be entitled to certain compensation for your damages and losses, such as hospital bills, medical expenses, unemployment reimbursement, and more.

If a passenger is injured in an Uber ride, in particular, they are covered by Uber’s liability coverage that is set at 1 million dollars. So although the Uber driver is likely liable for a victim’s damages and losses, passengers also have the right to claim Uber.

This usually depends on whether the driver was at-fault or another motorist. If you were recently injured in a car accident, talk to a personal injury lawyer for more information about making an accident claim, as soon as possible.

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